Founded in January 2016, SYNTH RELIGION is an independent label based in Paris, France.

SR001 | HANTE. - This Fog That Never Ends | Released on 12.01.2016
SR002 | HANTE. - No Hard Feelings | Released on 06.09.2016
SR003 | BOX AND THE TWINS - Everywhere I Go Is Silence | Released on 08.11.2016
SR004 | HANTE. - Between Hope & Danger | Released on 24.05.2017
SR005 | ASH CODE - Icy Cold | Released on 06.06.2017
SR006 | THE COLDER SEA - Young Love | Released on 21.11.2017
SR007 | DARK DOOR - Inferno | Released on 12.12.2017
SR003-2 | BOX AND THE TWINS - Everywhere I Go Is Silence | Released on 18.12.2017 (special double CD reedition)
SR008 | BOX AND THE TWINS - We Are Here To Make Mistakes | Released on 18.12.2017 (live in Hamburg)
SR009 | MARBLE SLAVE - Surveillance | Released on 19.06.2018
SR010 | HANTE. - Her Fall and Rise | Released on 02.05.2018 (debut album reedition)
SR011 | FRAGRANCE. - Now That I'm Real | Released on 22.02.2019
SR012 | HANTE. - FIERCE | Released on 18.01.2019
SR013 | MINUIT MACHINE - New album | Released on 13.05.2019
SR014 | MINUIT MACHINE - Live & Destroy (debut album reedition) | to be released soon
SR015 | BOX AND THE TWINS - ZERFALL | Released on 31.10.2019

HANTE. | Haunted Wave | Paris - France


© Caroline Bonarde

Hante. AKA Hélène de Thoury is a one-woman powerhouse of electronic might and pulsating energy. Through her Parisian darkwave, she offers a melancholic and haunting vibe that permeates every track of her discography.
Hante. is a distinctly enigmatic prospect; glacial, assured and compelling. Her latest album, FIERCE, released in 2019 on her own label Synth Religion and Metropolis Records for North America reveals a mix of strength and vulnerability that she delivers around the world through her powerful and mesmerizing live performances.

MINUIT MACHINE. | Disrupted Wave | Paris - France


© Caroline Bonarde

Minuit Machine is a French parisian duo born in 2013. The members are Hélène de Thoury (for the instrumental part) and Amandine Stioui (for the vocal part).
Hélène and Amandine’s music is a subtle mix of moving voices, mind-blowing synth lines, and deep electronic beats.
Through their nostalgic but extremely modern tunes, Hélène and Amandine talk about their past, present, and future ; all these haunting and disturbing thoughts which can’t be told.
Minuit Machine’s music is often described as disruptive, emotional, and terribly addictive. It will make you wanna dance your heart out to express all the rage, passion, angst you have inside of you.
While on stage, Hélène and Amandine forget about the rest of the world, and deliver an intense and emotional performance.

BOX AND THE TWINS | Dark Pop | Cologne - Germany


Cologne-based band Box and the Twins oscillates between a dark dream pop and wave; between guitar melodies steeped in melancholia and sombre electronic soundscapes. Above everything, Box's disturbingly tantalising voice hovers, always guiding the way into the light.
Through their songs, singer Box and her partner Mike conjure surreal worlds – sinister, yet soothing. Even though – or precisely because – a continuous unfulfillable desire and an awareness of the vanity of all things is the source of their creative process, the band's music is gloomy but not without hope.

FRAGRANCE. | Dark Synthpop | Paris - France


© Marie Rouge

Fragrance. is a project founded by Matthieu Roche in Paris at the end of 2015, as an outlet for his anxieties & fascinations. His music is always on the edge between melancholic synthpop and dark & dancing electronics, where his heady soft vocals meet catchy 90’s influenced beats.

MARBLE SLAVE | New New Wave | Paris - France


Marble Slave is the solo project of Parisian Benjamin Coyault, born from sleepless nights and unspoken feelings. In between nostalgic synth pop and dreamy new wave, he finds his own voice to narrate the fragile and meaningful moments that define a life.

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