SYNTH RELIGION is a home studio and a label specialized in music made with synthesisers:
Alternative Electronic Music, Post-punk, Cold Wave, Synthwave, Darkwave, Minimal Wave…



I’m Hélène de Thoury, musician behind the solo project HANTE. and audio engineer based in Paris. I was previously involved in the Darkwave bands MINUIT MACHINE and PHOSPHOR.

SYNTH RELIGION is the name of the home studio I developed over the last two years, recording for my own bands, producing and composing EPs, albums and remixes. I learnt a lot by myself but last year I decided to go further and I took some mixing and mastering courses.
Now I'm starting working for other bands, sharing my passion and my experiences, helping you making your dreams come true. I will do my best to improve your sound, working on your tracks just like I work on mines.


My Gear

I work exclusively on Mac.


Logic pro X / Izotope Ozone 6 / Steinberg Wavelab 8.5


Crimson SPL audio interface / Alesis speakers / AKG K702 & Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones / AKG C214 microphone / Alesis controller / Novation Launchpad pro/ Zoom R8


Roland SH-201 / Roland System1 / Waldorf Streichfett string / Korg R3 / Korg Triton Taktile 25 / Novation Ultranova


Starting January 2016, SYNTH RELIGION grows and also becomes a label, releasing the HANTE. album - This Fog That Never Ends - on vinyl and CD.
The next release will be Hante. new EP - No Hard Feelings - to be released on September 6 on vinyl and CD.
Another exciting release is planned for November, more details very soon!

Please use the form below if you need some information about Synth Religion releases, want to order several copies for a wholesale price or if you want to submit your music.



How does it work?

Send me an email first to using the Contact form, tell me about your projects, your needs. Don’t hesitate to send me some references, to show me how you would like to sound.
I will answer with a cost and time estimation and if you agree with this, you can send me your files via and the money by Paypal.

How much is it?

For the arrangements, as you can imagine, it will depend on the amount of work. So tell me first what you need and I will give you a price.
For a mix, it will be 100€ by song.
For a master, it will be 30€ by song.
The price includes two modifications after the first delivery.

What can I expect?

SYNTH RELIGION is an alternative studio for independent artists on a budget, I will do my best to make you sound good and big but I can’t do miracles. If you want to sound like the latest Depeche Mode, you should consider larger studios.